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Here's a quartet of veteran musicians---seasoned players with uncommon vocal capabilities. Featuring the classic songs of the pre-Beatle days of the late '50s and early '60s -- the Golden Age of Rock 'n' Roll -- along with improv-style comedy which includes sight gags, one-liners, skits, bits, and costumes, this band is a "must see!" Authenticity is the key here. The doo wop hits of the Skyliners and the Diamonds sound like the Skyliners and the Diamonds. The Beach Boys tunes sound like the Beach Boys. The Four Seasons songs sound like the Four Seasons. And all this is presented in a stage package the likes of which we know you've not seen before unless you've seen The GeezeCats.

The act is staged on a theater set in front of a backdrop depicting a cozy apartment scene. With its glowing fireplace, cat family photos, robin's egg blue kitchen, distant dining room and curiously inviting staircase, it creates a truly unique setting for the show. On the set, The GeezeCats are seated amongst their stage props, which include rocking chairs, stools, end tables with lamps, and their various wigs, whistles, bells, and other accessories used in the show. How do ya like us so far?

Their uniqueness, their harmony, and their quality of presentation have brought them rapid success. Another aspect of the show that has contributed greatly to The GeezeCats success is the volume at which they perform -- always comfortable and appropriate for any venue. The GeezeCats don't have to play loudly to get your attention.

Take a look at their song list. When was the last time you heard these tunes performed live? Maybe never! Yet here are the classic songs that everyone knows and loves, performed with authenticity, perfection, and full range four-part harmony you simply can't find in just any band. In fact, The GeezeCats aren't just any band, they're an attraction! You'll hear TV themes, radio jingles, and novelty tunes from the era, nostalgic instrumentals, and the best doo-wop that ever bopped a bop, all served up with their own unique style of tongue-in-cheek comedy entertainment!

Harmony and hilarity -- just flat-out fun! That's what you get with The GeezeCats. A delightful mixture of rock 'n' roll, doo-wop, and improv comedy. These Cats truly like each other and get a hoot out of performing together. This all comes across on stage, which spontaneously invites the audience to include themselves in the fun. People come, people stay, people dance, people come back with friends. This is all part of The GeezeCats mystique, which has made them so successful in so many venues.

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