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CHUCK FINK is a versatile singer/songwriter, acoustic guitarist, harmonica player, and a well-seasoned solo performer, spun from the folk-pop-rock tradition. A veteran of countless clubs, pubs, coffeehouses, fairs, festivals, country clubs, restaurants, corporations, public and private parties, and a host of other situations, Chuck is as comfortable entertaining for a small intimate audience, as he is perform a full-fledged stage show for many more spectators.

With an extensive repertoire of popular folk, rock, and pop favorites, spanning more than six decades, Chuck has a proven track record as a crowd pleaser on the solo-acoustic scene in Ohio, for more than twenty years now. Chuck weaves elements of pop, folk, rock, and country, into one pleasing musical package. He combines faithful covers of ubiquitous acoustic classics, as well as unique adaptations of other songs, that might seem ill-suited to the genre and instrument in any other hands.

Although he "specializes" in the “folk-rock” genre, Chuck possesses an endless array of great songs for all age groups, and his performances are easily adaptable for audiences of young kids, to those who are young at heart, and everyone in between! Chuck has an innate ability to assess the crowd, choosing songs that fit the occasion, regardless of musical tastes or age. Chuck caters to the broadest common denominator and audience-generated musical whim, performing hit after hit song, hitting everyone's sweet spot. In his care, old songs sound new, and new songs don't sound old!

Chuck's cordial repartee and interaction with any audience is a signature of his "peaceful easy feeling" performance style. He is the perfect combination of consummate performer and polite house guest. Unless, of course, you want him to rock the house—in which case, he most definitely can and will oblige! Spirited sing-a-longs, audience participation, laughter, friendly banter, and plenty of feel good grin, are also hallmarks of Chuck's stage performance. Got a favorite song you or a guest would like to sing? Chuck will happily accompany. He'll even emcee your event, if you wish!

Looking for a new way to unfold to familiar situations? Look no further! Professional live entertainment at a competitive rate is what Chuck guarantees. Chuck requires minimal setup and space, and he comes fully equipped with a sound system, if required. All you provide is the spot, and Chuck will do the rest! Whatever the venue, whatever the occasion—Chuck assures something tuneful for everyone!



"Chuck is a great crowd pleaser! The crowd of 3,000 plus, was most enthusiastic to participate, due to his infectious way of involving them!"
-Lee Rosenberg, Public Relations Coordinator; Shaker Square Foundation

"Chuck analyzed the dynamics of each class, during his room visits, assuring us that his afternoon concert would be nothing short of successful! Thoroughly entertaining, educational, and fun!"
-Kimberly Spencer, Director of Choral Music, St. Joseph School; Tiffin, Ohio

"Chuck is a well rounded performer. His music brings together people from all walks of life, young & old alike!"
-Abbe Siet, President of Yellow Bird Productions

"Chuck has a most refreshing point-of-view to share... he's no copycat! Looking for a new voice to unfold familiar situations? Look no further!"
-Barry Weaver, Singer/Songwriter, B.W. Bear Songs & Stuff

"Chuck did a great job for my daughter's fourth birthday party. The kids loved his songs and humor, & we appreciated the environmental message!"
-Colleen Coyne, Valley View, Ohio



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