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CHARLIE CHRISTOPHERSON - Midnight Lightning, Guitarist, Singer


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"You can have all the technical skills, but the music has to flow from the hear. Music is an expression of the soul."  -- Charlie Christopherson

Charlie Christopherson demonstrates his fluid technical skill and heart-felt soul as a result of a lifetime of music. Born in Cleveland to Robert, a violinist in the Cleveland Orchestra, and Rosemary, a concert pianist who still teaches piano, Christopherson, his three older brothers and younger sister each found a place for music in their lives.

Christopheron's technical proficiency derives from classical violin training from ages six through 12. He studied music theory at the Cleveland Institute of Music. As a natural transition from his formal training, at age 13, he was inspired by Jimi Hendrix's music and began to play the guitar. His commitment and desire to play comes from an absolute love of Hendrix's music. Christopherson also studied engineering basics at Beachwood Recording Studios.

A release of Christopherson's first CD, "Good and Plenty," features his guitar and vocal abilities. Six original compositions are combined with his tip-of-the-hat covers of Hendrix and BB King songs. It is recorded under the Sandcastle Records label.

One of seven national finalist in the Hendrix Festival in Seattle, Washington in January, 1998, Christopherson's guitar work has already earned him much acclaim. Competing guitarists paired original compositions and Hendrix renditions, playing to a full house including other guitar greats. Jimi Hendrix's father, Al, who was in attendance at the midwest regional semi-finals presented Christopherson, winner of the Jimi Hendrix/Fender Electric Guitar Competition regional semi-finals, with an autographed Fender Statocaster. Christopherson also won a scholarship to the Musicians Institute in Hollywood, California.

"I like mixing it up," drawls Christopherson in his soft-spoken voice that gives no clue to his vocal talent. He refers to playing with various musicians, on various stages where he integrates his skills into blues, rock and jazz formats. In addition to performing throughout the Cleveland area, his band, Midnight Lightning, played three consecutive years in the Erie Summer Festival of the Arts. Surrounded by musical influences, he plays with reggae, blues, jazz and rock groups in Cleveland and Boston. Christopherson met former Hendrix band member, Billy Cox, at a Hendrix tribute in Chicago. So impressed was Cox with Christopherson's talent that on Cox's tour stop in Cleveland, Christopherson and Midnight Lightning shared the bill. Christopherson has frequently played with the lengendary Robert Lockwood, Jr.'s Allstar Band.


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... Good and Plenty, drenched in electric blues and blues/rock, has an irrepressible joie de vivre that's darn near infectious...

...Originals like..."Think About You" and the more rocking, almost Cream-like "Going Downtown" have a righteous, in your face feel...

...Christopherson's best song may be "Fly Away, the original he played at the Hendrix competition. It's an intricately plotted web of music, a spellbinder that sound incredibly difficult to pull off."...

...Christopherson, like Hendrix, his idol, goes for more than technical brilliance. He goes for feel...

...A refreshing mix of jazz, blues and rock, Good and Plenty jumps from the speakers and pounces on the ears and feet...

...The (Hendrix) influence stands out in his sharp, aggressive, soulful playing...

..."Fly Away" is unlike any other on the disc. Layered in a thick, hypnotic groove and riding the waves of sound, this sonic poem has a strong Middle Eastern flavor, underscored by a steady but pulsing bass line...




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